You’ve Got Hijack’d

profilepicWordpressDibajak-210614This morning I was surprised to see my blog’s profile picture (from has changed to become a specific book cover.  So I googled the title and found couple of things about the book and the author. I mentioned her on twitter:

“Dear *author*, what is your-book-cover doing in my profile? I’m not the one who changed it for sure..”

Well, maybe it wasn’t her who did it by herself, maybe it was a random people or bot who spammed or hijacked some random people on the net. Or maybe it was a kind of promotion? If so, it’s so annoying.

So I’ve changed my profile picture back. Yea I’m still lucky they were just change the profile picture, not the entire data or defaced my blog. But it’s still annoying.

iconChanged210614But I just realized that my blog icon is changed as well. That tiny little picture up there on the left, it’s not my icon. I don’t know what picture is that. I’ve tried to change it back but it didn’t work. Argh!



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