Speaking About Learning Foreign Languages

Back to years ago, when I was in high school, we learned German or Deutsch. I like to learn foreign languages. Although German is much harder than English, especially its grammar, but I got 8 for German in my report. Yay! But, I don’t know, I got 8 because I really made it or just because the German teacher was my “wali kelas” 😛

Many years after graduated from high school and forgot German lessons, one day I wanted to go to Germany and decided to take a German course. I took a private class so I could be more focus and able to learn faster. But that was just a theory. After several lessons, I got tired and bored. German is soooooo hard and I think I’d never make it. So I changed my mind, I didn’t wanna go to Germany. At least, at that time 😛

Speaking about taking course, I remember I had took Mandarin class as well. Only 2 weeks later, I got tired and bored, then I left the class. The only thing of Mandarin that still remain is “Ni hau ma?” Hehe..

Once I’ve learned a little bit of Spanish too, with my colleague in my latest office. He taught me some (slank) words and daily conversation when we had lunch together. But after that, no more lesson session. He resigned and I never heard from him again. The only thing I remember about the short course was his beautiful eyes. Mowahahahaha…


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