Speaking About English…

Since I decided to start writing in English with my mediocre level, I’d like to share some little stories about my English learning. First of all, to all grammar polices, pardon my English if there is any mistaken and be my guest to make some corrections πŸ˜‰

I knew English for the first time from a book in my friend’s house. I think I was in 1st or 2nd grade at that time, I was playing with her and saw that book. A big-thick book, with pictures and foreign language. At that time, English wasn’t taught in Elementary school yet, so that was a new thing for me and I was so excited. Her dad was working at LIA, a famous English course at that time, and he bought that pictured-dictionary for her only daughter. Instead of asked my dad to buy that kind of book for my own, I went to her house everyday to play with her and learnt that book together. Since then, I learnt English words from anything and anywhere.

In school, there was a mini blackboard on the classroom’s wall, for daily note absent. It was early March but there was still February written on it. So I erased February and changed it into “March”. Some friends asked me, “Kok March?” I replied, “Yes, it’s “Maret” in English.” At that time, I was so proud of myself πŸ˜›

But the pride didn’t take long. A teacher noticed that mini blackboard and asked the class who wrote it. I said it was me. She seemed unpleasant with that, a bit angry she told me to change it to “Maret” soon. I didn’t know why.

In Junior High School, I started to learn English formally. I noticed that my teacher mispronounced “busy” that must be read as ‘bizzy’ Β she read it as ‘bazzy’. At first I didn’t care but then I was somewhat irritated to hear it over and over again, and I was about to tell that teacher that she was wrong. But my friend told me to let it go, because she heard there was an incident in the other class; a boy got slapped on the face by that wicked teacher because he told her that she mispronounced some words. Hell no!

Next, we got an English homework. Me and some friends worked it out together. After we finished it, I tried to speak in English. Just a little English, to practice what we had learnt. But one of my friend cut me off. He said, “Sok Inggris lu!” What the f*ck!

I like English actually, but with those people around, I lacked of practice. Since then, I just write for myself and barely talk in English. Even when I took an English course, I wasn’t so excited when it came to conversation lesson. I kind of lazy to speak. Until many years after, I prefer writing. But grammar always give me hard times, I think I made lots of mistakes. Hehe… Now I’m trying to improve it again with more practice, like now *mumpung lagi mau* πŸ˜›


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