i dream about my buddy trapped in a narrow hole, stucked from the waist down
his hands were stuck too. he couldn’t move nor he didn’t wanna move, i wasn’t sure
all i know that he was in trouble but didn’t cry for help
i told him about the dream
and yes, he’s in trouble. he got trapped, exactly like my dream
so i tried to help, give him some opinions and advices
he listened and said that he was understand
but at the end of the day, he couldn’t do what i taught him to do
once again, he was trapped. he couldn’t stand for himself because he thought that he’s already fell
he had some reasons and considerations, about the second chance, about the feelings, and stuffs
what can i say more… what can we do…
so, there he goes with his choice, after thanked me for all my help
all i can do is hoping the best for him, wished that he did the right thing
although i know it’s not quite right, but hey… every one has their own path, rite?
i won’t set him into another hole by pushing him to do what i’ve told him to do
we never know what’s best for the others, because sometimes it’s different from ours
when your friend is insane enough to get himself into the same hole again, whatever the reasons are,
you need to keep your head cool, so you won’t be a psycho too
all you can do is wish him good luck and hope that one day you don’t have to say, “i’ve told you”
even when you’re a bit skeptical about it, because you know something won’t change that fast & easy
but we have to let it go.. believe that he can be much wiser after all these matters…

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