happy 9th anniversary

geez, 9 years with you
lots of things we’ve been through
all the bads and all the goods
you name it, we’ve had it

most people don’t believe
what makes me stand with you
neither do i, i tell you true

maybe i’ve been cursed
for being stuck with you
or too scared to leave you
it’s all i don’t deny
but maybe, it’s just a judgment

being with you is not bad at all
you’re enjoyable and comfortable
even sometimes you’re suck
with your demands and such
but who doesn’t have all that fuss?

nine years we’re together
guess we’ve known each other
you give me much, i give you more
you pleased me, i served you

i have faith in you
but not that devoted to you
sometimes i play around behind you
just for fun, just for my ego

in the end, i always back to you
you have something great and strong
that makes me believe that you won’t let me down

now you’re preparing a new house for us
can’t wait to see and to live in it
but many things could happen in a year
i could be still here stick with you
and celebrate our 10th anniversary in our own house

or something else happens
and there will no 10th anniversary at all
we’ll never know, we’ll never sure
but now, i just enjoy you and trying to be grateful

happy anniversary, darling
thank you for everything


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