have a nice weekend

gloomy friday afternoon
im about to go tomorrow
but im not ready yet
i havent pack my bag
not made up my mind either
do i really wanna go?
do u really allow me to go?
say if u want me to stay
it’s kinda hard for me to go
if u kinda hard to let me go
headache, husky, hesitant
do i really wanna go?
it’s the trip that im longing to
but these last few days
suddenly i hesitate to go
still have couple hours to think
to decide whether i go or not
meanwhile i’d like to say
have a nice weekend, everyone….


28 thoughts on “have a nice weekend

  1. aaaghh..itaaaa..kok ga jadi ke bali…aku disini menantimuuuuuh….well..i get a job here in paradise island!! but mulainya 2 minggu lagi…hiks.. seneng.. sedih juga… hiks…besok gue balik ke jkt…

  2. @novi: monggoooo… silakaaaannn… :P@glanny: hihihihi…@alya: waaa sori saayy.. di-cancel… @brounie: mau tangan siapa? tangan abee aja ya? *siap2 potong tangan abee buat brounie*@gita: sori, saaaayy… banyak hal yg bikin gue ga jadi pergi. waahhh kamu diterima kerja di sana yaa?? congraaatttsssss… im proud of youuu.. *peyuk2*

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