Enough about me, let’s talk about you for a minute
Enough about you, let’s talk about life for a while
The conflicts, the craziness and the sound of pretenses
Falling all around…all around

Why are you so petrified of silence
Here can you handle this?

Did you think about your bills, your ex, your deadlines
Or when you think you’re gonna die
Or did you long for the next distraction

(all i really want – alanis morissette)


38 thoughts on “enough

  1. erobikkkkpitnes nya cipih tuh yang ngajakin.ada jajan pasar juga.ni barusan ama cipih di gtalk :Leonita pitnes perstngajak erobik gratis tuwdi junctionminggu pagiCiphie hyuuukkkmau gagada jajanan pasar jugaLeonita iya ayukCiphie siptp gue kyknya sabtu ngantor dulu nih leonkit maleman ajah nyifutnya gimanaLeonita sip

  2. and there’s another world inside of meand it is called silence… it’s beautiful.makasih postingannya 😀 hee…i feel a little bit better now heuheu

  3. All I really want is some peace man A place to find a common ground And all I really want is a wavelength All I really want is some comfort …A way to get my hands untied And all I really want is some justice….. awhhhh….such a great song!

  4. @ary: yep! she’s my inspiration! :)@supit: wah… ternyata ada efeknya juga ke orang lain… bagus deh ^_^@yani: glad to hear dat… >:D<@mbong: halah opaaa…@chiara: yupe! kapan2 kita karaoke nyanyi ginian yuks! ;p

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