i’m not in the mood…

to fall in love
to be loved
to go on a date
to go without the others
to ignore the pain of my closefriend
to give u a chance
to do anything without chemistry

im sorry
i cant

i miss somebody else…


18 thoughts on “i’m not in the mood…

  1. pureink said: just try to love the one you with…

    ahhh bener bgt nihhh yg ini..emang gitu koq..thats what i do now hihiannddd the most important is be grateful.. *hallahh* gak jelas.. hihita.. sebenernya loe in the mood nya sekarang nagapain?

  2. grooveboxita said: hail on chemistry…

    waktu sma gw jago kimia loh… meski matematika di sttb gw 5… ngaruh gak? *kabur beli cendol elizabeth*

  3. galih: try to love? to grow love without seed is wasting time, broella: gw lg ga mood ngapa2in sih sbnrnya :pabee: hahaha… dats the question! hmm.. whadaya think? ;pita: yeaaa!! hail to chemistry.. hail to the alchemist 😀ivan: nitip dong! :p

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